juls (paganwnch) wrote in pdx4rent,

renter's rights question

okay, i could really use a nudge in the right direction here.

problem: in one word - woodpecker(s)! i live in an older apartment complex on the third floor, and at least one woodpecker refuses to stop making the side of my apartment swiss cheese. i have talked to the manager a hundred times over, and have been told they are supposed to put new siding up - still hasn't happened. now, i understand it's a time-consuming process to get the bids and get home-office to approve it, etc.

in the meantime, i have seven 2X4s and three holes on the outside of my apartment, along with wire mesh and a 2X4 inside my son's closet - where one woodpecker managed to make it through the drywall. we have insulation EVERYWHERE outside, and my son's room and my closet are a good 5 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment.

i've talked to the audobon society to find out ways of discouraging the woodpeckers from coming back until the new siding project happens, and have told not only the on-site manager and maintenance guy, but also the home-office liason for our property - to no avail. they hung one, yes ONE, streamer off of one of the 2X4s. needless to say, the woodpecker is back, and already has a new hole started. *grumbles*

we are paying 'market value' on this unit - do i have a right to request/demand a rent reduction based on this current-and-ongoing problem?
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