sispille (sispille) wrote in pdx4rent,

room for rent

i am posting this here for starters to see if an LJ friend or friend-of-a-friend needs a place. the deets:

open august 1st, $450/mo

80th & woodstock
fairly quiet neighborhood
close to bus 14, ~25 minute ride into downtown
pretty east access to Reed College, just a few minutes away
close to Woodstock shops and culture
close to a Freddy's, a Safeway, and a local produce store
sorta close to Trader Joe's on 39th

cement-floored dry basement - lots of storage
garden area (to be expanded)
me and my cat live there now, the home owner and a dog are moving out
washer and dryer in the basement
carpeted bedrooms, lino kitchen, hardwoods elsewhere
street parking - no garage

i am a laid-back, fully employed 34 year old guy, soon to be back in school. i like traveling and go away for some weekends or longer trips. i make and enjoy drinking beer, but don't do the 420 or other stuff. i smoke hand-rollies outside. the housemate is taking most of the furniture with her, so it'll be a little bare until i populate the rooms with comfy chairs, a sofa, and a kitchen table and chairs. i am looking for someone sane and employed, around my age with interest in staying for 6 months to a year. contact me at sispille ?at! sispille #dot% *com) with queries/for additional info...

additional deets: utilities run about $50-60/month - there is also a quarterly water bill of around (iirc) $100. not looking for a couple or any more pets - the place is just the right size for me, mah cat and one other...

also: the homeowner and i are banging out the details of a rental contract, the details of which will be ready to be discussed by the end of this week, methinks...
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