masterarch4bdsm (masterarch4bdsm) wrote in pdx4rent,

looking for.....

me and my gf are being forced to move out of our place cuz of mold and need to find a place (thinking of staying in nopo or maybe going to se) but we are looking for a house thats big dog friendly and has a basement and a back yard. We checked out a place yesterday that asked that our combined income is 3 times the rent, which mine is, problem is I work for myself and thisll be the first year filing all my earnings from working for myself on taxes, I have proof of income and everything. my gf is temp unemployed.
if rental agencys are asking for income-y stuff and nothing other than earned income statements are all I have, am I opening myself up to slum lords?
does anyone have any places in mind that are dog friendly in nopo or SE? <1100 a month with 1100 being max?
I keep checking craigslist and looking online everywhere I can think, but its seeming hopeless
any help would be cool
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