Summer (pink_miniskirt) wrote in pdx4rent,

housing needed

hey there all

i'm looking for an appartment or room in the portland area, preferably close to downtown or in beaverton, close to a busline or max, one bedroom for me and my partner, it needs to be under $600 a month, the lower the better, roommates would be fine as long as they're clean and it's not too crowded, we'd need to move in by the end of october, preferably sooner

about us, queer friendly happy girls, aged 19 and 20, pretty stable, not looking for anything special, just someplace to call home, we like to cook and tend to keep to ourselves most of the time, but are very friendly and sociable once we're comfortable, i work in the theater and she's on a fixed income

any leads help, even if it seems a little out of our way, if it's transit accessable it'll probably be okay
Summer and Catie

also posted to damnportlanders
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